Can't See my Recently Purchased Audiobook

If you have recently purchased an audiobook and you don't see it in your list of available audiobooks in the app, this could be because of three main reasons:

1. Need to Force Refresh

To force the app to update the list of audiobooks that you have access to, you might need to force a refresh.

On iPhone/iPad:

Tap on the Refresh icon (the circular arrow), located in the top right corner of the audiobook list page

On Android:

Tap on "Refresh", located in the top right corner of the audiobook list page

On Desktop

Click on the Refresh link at the bottom left of the app

2. Need to update your login info

If it has been a while since you last used the app, you might need to make sure that your email and password are still current. To test this, go to the regular site and try to log into your account there - if you are getting authentication errors, then you will need to reset your password. This can easily be done by requesting a reset here

If you change your password, don't forget to sign out of the app and then sign back in with your new password.

3. Ordered under the wrong account

The French Today apps work based on your French Today account associated with your purchase email address.

If you have ordered the audiobook(s) under a different email address/account, then it will not appear in your other account.  Please contact us and we'll merge all your purchases under a single account ( please let us know the email for each account and which address you would like to consolidate to).

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