Can I Install An Audiobook on Multiple Computers/Devices?

Yes, you can as long as you follow the Individual Use license terms:

Can I install the audiobook on any device?

You may download the audiobook on as many different devices and/or medias as you see fit as long as these devices are all in use by members living under the same household. You may not give or sell your audiobook to other people outside of your household or share it on the ‘net.

May I distribute copies of these audiobook files to my class, study group, French club, etc to study together?

You may listen to the audiobook files with a group but you may not share any audiobook file (either mp3 or PDF files) in part or in its entirety to other people. Based on your local educational fair use copyright exemptions, you may be able to print limited excerpts, please refer to your local fair use copyright laws for what is legally authorised.

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