Audiobook Updates - What Changed

We sometimes update audiobooks to fix formatting issues, minor typos or update content/audio. Starting January 2018, we are tracking the changes we made on this page.

How to Update Your Audiobook

You will get a notification that an update is available by tapping/clicking the Refresh button (circular arrows).

Simply click/tap on Update to download the latest version. If you can not download it at that time (if you are on a slow connection or simply don't have the time), you can just dismiss the update notice and keep using your existing version.

If you are using the MP3 version of the audiobook, simply  log into your Account and download the update from there.

À Moi Paris Level 4 - New Challenges

January 2018 Update

  • Fixed some typos, translation (huge thanks to everyone, especially Kelly Moore and Kim Norton
  • Cleaned up formatting
  • Made the English part of the Q&A blurred when "Hide Translation" is on
  • Added 2 missing audio sentences
  • Updated the intro and conclusion to reflect the new audiobooks in the À Moi Paris series

French Greetings & Pronunciation

April 2018 Update

  • Added audio subsections (so that you can skip audio to not just chapters but also sub headers)

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