How To Install the French Today Mac OSX App (macOS 10.14 & below)

This install document is for the older version of the Mac desktop app. If you are running macOS 10.15 or later ("Catalina"), please download the new generation Mac app

To install the Mac OSX French Today app follow these steps:

1. Download the latest version of the app from our website

2. If the DMG file does not automatically open, double-click on French-Today-Player.dmg located inside your Downloads folder

3. Drag & drop the French Today app icon onto the Applications folder on the right to copy it to your local Applications folder

4. Now that you are done with the install, right-click on the French Today app image that is on your desktop and select "Eject"

5. Double click on French Today in your applications folder (we recommend you add it to your app bar for faster access in the future)

6. The French Today app will launch and you can now either download the free audiobook or click on "sign in" to enter your account's email address and password.

For faster access to the app, keep it to your Dock

We recommend you add the French Today app to your menu bar so that you can launch it in one simple click without having to look into your Applications folder. 

To do so, when the French Today app is running, right-click on the icon in the dock and select "Keep in Dock". Now, even when you quit the app, the icon will still be in the Dock and you can click it to launch the app directly.

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