Summer 2019 - À Moi Paris Lineup Changes

2019... A significant year

This month (August 2019), French Today officially celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

This year also marks the 20th anniversary since I wrote the first À Moi Paris book!

When I started writing À Moi Paris in 1999, I never dreamt that 20 years later it would become a full French method with 1628 pages of transcript and more than 74 hours of audio recordings (that's more than 3 days of continuous audio!!). 

Over 20 years I tested this method with my one-on-one adult students, progressively adding the feedback of our online customers and kept fine-tuning, updating the explanations and the audio, making the method more and more user-friendly. 

This was an organic evolution: the whole method was not released at the same time.  Last year, we finally released the last 'level' in the method and are now able to offer a complete French learning solution.

Going from 12 to 4 options

Now is time to simplify things dramatically and so starting today, we are going from 8 individual levels and 4 bundles down to just 4 learning levels:

At the same time, we are also lowering the prices to purchasing these new combos compared to the previous bundles.

(We also sell the whole method at an additional discount here: " À Moi Paris - All Levels")

If you bought an À Moi Paris audiobook before, nothing changes for you

The content of the audiobooks remains the same as it was before today. 

If you have already bought an À Moi Paris audiobook, there is nothing different at this point, it's only the way we display the method on our site that has changed.  

As always: free updates

In the future, we will update some of the content as we are always fine-tuning our method based on your feedback and to keep up with the technology.

As we have always done at French Today, once you purchase an audiobook, you always get free updates (no matter how extensive they are). 

As a matter of fact, we are actively working on quite a large update to our beginner audiobook: if you purchased it in the past, you’ll get these updates for free. Stay tuned!

Pricing and one time purchases

As mentioned above, we have lowered the price of buying the combined audiobooks but, yes, because we are not selling the individual levels anymore, the 'starting' price has indeed increased.  We have looked at a lot of our competitors on the market and we are still below most them (and sometimes by a lot).  

Keep in mind also that all French Today audiobooks are a one-time purchase and don't require any quarterly or yearly subscriptions to keep using. All updates are always free and you can download the audiobook at any time in the future ( we recently had a customer from 2011, getting back to learning French, who was extremely surprised that they could re-download the latest version of their audiobooks... All without spending an additional cent)

Constantly evolving apps

Not only are you getting lifetime audiobook updates but we keep improving the French Today apps. We had a major release of the iPhone/iPad app last week that added many new features and is still completely free to everyone ( car mode, new audio controls)

To Recap

  1. If you are new to the À Moi Paris Method, your choice of where to start has become a lot simpler.
  2. If you have previously purchased an À Moi Paris audiobook, nothing changes for you and you have nothing to do.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us by clicking here. We are always here to assist you.

-- Camille, Olivier and Leyla

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