Mobile Audio Controls

Audio controls bar

On the bottom of your mobile phone, you will now see all the controls to interact with the audio.

Starting from the top of the black audio section you can see:

  • An orange bar that indicates your progress in that particular section (note, you can tap on it to reveal a larger control to move the playback to a specific time)
  • Below that, you will see two numbers: the one of the left is the current time position, the one on the right (counting down) is how much audio remains in that particular section.
  • The name of the audio section playing back
  • Then all the controls: skip to previous section, jump back (the time can be customised in the gear options), play/pause, jump forward and skip to next section
  • In the bottom left corner, you have the new Loop toggle. If it is enabled (in orange), then the current section's audio will keep repeating until you stop it.
  • Lastly, when in the story chapters, you will see the audio speed in the bottom right corner. Taping on it will bring up the audio selector where you will be able to choose the speed of the recording (note that this speed choice will be remembered across all chapters and audiobooks in the app).

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