How To Use Your Intermediate French Ultimate Pack

Now that you’ve downloaded your Intermediate French Ultimate Pack, you'll find yourself with different audiobooks:

  1. À Moi Paris Method - Intermediate (L3+L4)
  2. Mastering French Numbers
  3. Mastering French Adjectives

The À Moi Paris Series

The À Moi Paris series should be your base = it's been written to build up your French knowledge progressively.

Start with À Moi Paris L3, take your time to go through it, then move on to À Moi Paris L4. There is a large “how to use this audiobook” section at the beginning of the audiobooks, so I suggest you refer to it and follow my tips to get the best results with this audio method.

Although there are three audiobooks before À Moi Paris L3 (AMP first encounter - free to download if you haven't done so already, À Moi Paris L1, and À Moi Paris L2), you will be able to jump right into the ongoing story as each audiobook stands logically by itself.

À Moi Paris L3 covers a lot of French grammar and vocabulary and illustrates it all with the lively story of Mary and her friends. Recorded at several speeds, the audio is invaluable and should provide you with hours of studying: remember, repetition is the key!

In À Moi Paris L4, you will expand on the basis you conquered throughout the series. We’ll cover lots of everyday topics, and the dialogue will be longer and more challenging. You’ll then practice your French with the Q&A section: make sure you answer the questions out-loud to get the best from this method.

Mastering French Numbers

This audiobook will help you conquer French numbers once and for all. 

You’ll learn the logic behind French numbers then train with audio to learn the proper French pronunciation including the glidings and liaisons. You’ll study fun expressions with numbers, how to tell the time and also prices in French (there are many different ways).

After each lesson, you’ll be able to test yourself with extensive drills of numbers out of order and at three different speeds. 

Mastering French numbers will take time and practice. For numbers even more than with anything else, repeating out loud is the key. I suggest you interspace studying numbers with your studies of A Moi Paris: after studying one chapter of À Moi Paris, you may want to study with this audiobook for a bit. Keep it fun and don’t hesitate to revisit the drills often to refresh your memory.

Mastering French Adjectives

Mastering French Adjectives is an in-depth lesson: it will help you master this specific point of French which I thought was very important and needed some additional drilling.

When to use it is up to you. In À Moi Paris L3, as we study general rules about adjectives, I will point you to this auxiliary lesson: you may do it then, or tackle it from the get-go if you think you need urgent help with French adjectives.

A word of caution: this lesson is long, and can be a bit tedious. So take your time to go through it. Alternate this “heavier” kind of study with funnier activities such as working with the story part of À Moi Paris or the Essential French Dialogues.

Where to go from there...

À Moi Paris Method - Upper Intermediate will be your next move: we’ll study the French tenses of the past and the future.

For additional audio practice, when you are done with this bundle, I invite you to take a look at my other intermediate audio novels:

Which both come with a Q&A section to practice your French out-loud.

I also invite you to take a look at my French Verb Drills to definitely tackle the French Verb conjugations and their pronunciation.

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Best of luck with your French studies!

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