How To Use Your Beginner French Ultimate Pack

Now that you’ve downloaded your Beginner French Ultimate Pack, you'll find yourself with several audiobooks:

  1. A Moi Paris Method - Beginner (L1+L2)
  2. French Greetings and Politeness
  3. Secrets of French Pronunciation

The À Moi Paris series should be your base

It's been written to build up your French knowledge progressively.

Start with À Moi Paris L1, take your time to go through it, then move on to À Moi Paris L2. There is a large “how to use this audiobook” section at the beginning of the audiobooks, so I strongly suggest you refer to it and follow my tips to get the best results with this audio method.

Secrets of French Pronunciation and French Greetings and Politeness are both additional “in-depth lessons”: they will help you master specific points of French which I thought were very important and needed some additional explanations and drills.

The À Moi Paris Series

The À Moi Paris (meaning “Paris, Here I Come”) series starts with a free “sample” audiobook, À Moi Paris First Encounter, which you may download for free from your account page or in your French Today app if you have not done so already. This audiobook is a sample so it covers several levels, but you may want to start with it, so you get the beginning of Mary’s adventures as she first arrives in the City of Lights...

À Moi Paris L1 is written with the total beginner in mind. It will go over the essential French grammar and vocabulary and illustrate it all with the lively story of Mary and her friends. Recorded at several speeds, the audio is invaluable and should provide you with hours of studying: remember, repetition is the key!

In À Moi Paris Level 2, you will expand on the basis you conquered in À Moi Paris L1. We’ll cover lots of everyday topics, and the study guide will tremendously expand your vocabulary and irregular verb knowledge. You’ll then practice your French with the Q&A section: make sure you answer the questions out-loud to get the best from this method.

French Greetings and Politeness

In the first chapters of À Moi Paris L1, you’ll study the greetings. At one point, I will invite you to take a deeper look at the auxiliary audio lesson French Greetings and Politeness. You may want to do that then, or just reach for that lesson when you want to review greetings and politeness specifically.

Hopefully, soon with the help of my audiobooks and your hard work, you will master French greetings successfully and will be done with that part of your studies :-)

Secrets of French Pronunciation

Secrets of French Pronunciation is a tool you should go back to often, mainly to train with the drill audio section.  So this audio lesson is more of a reference tool which will help you throughout your French studies.

I suggest you train with small bits of it at a time. Choose a chapter. Study it and repeat out-loud. Use the drills daily if possible.

Which Audiobook Should You Start With?

Now, whether to start with Secrets of French Pronunciation or with À Moi Paris L1 is really up to you.

If you have had zero French before, you may find the pronunciation lesson a bit tedious: starting with À Moi Paris L1 will be more fun, and you can learn by repetition first. Then when you feel a bit more familiar with the French sounds, check out the rules and drill with Secrets of French Pronunciation.

However, if you’ve had some French before, you may want to start right away with Secrets of French Pronunciation, and go through it before you even start À Moi Paris Level 1 as to get the rules of pronunciation straight, and practice a bit.

Or you may prefer jumping from one to the other according to what you feel like studying that day: someday you may feel more like having fun with a story, and others working hard at repeating specific sounds out loud. The program is flexible, so you choose!

By the end of À Moi Paris L1, you should have already gone several times through Secrets of French Pronunciation audiobook. You should have mastered the pronunciation rules by the time you start À Moi Paris L2.

Then, when you are done with this bundle, you’ll be ready to be take the next step of your French studies:  À Moi Paris Method - Intermediate, which is also part of my Intermediate French Booster Pack.

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Again, thank you for your purchase of the Beginner French Ultimate Pack and best of luck with your French studies!

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