What is the CEFR Equivalent of your Audiobooks Levels

French Today’s approach to teaching French is modern and unique. The À Moi Paris method progresses differently than the traditional methods, in particular in regard to tenses and moods. So our levels are not a perfect match with the CEFR. Yet it will give you a rough idea.

À Moi Paris Method – Beginner [More details]
L1 = Complete beginner to A1
L2 = Expansion of A1 towards A2

À Moi Paris Method – Intermediate [More details]
L3 = A2
L4 = Expansion of A2 towards B1

À Moi Paris Method – Upper Intermediate [More details]
L5 = B1
L6 = Expansion of B1 towards B2

À Moi Paris Method – Advanced [More details]
L7 = B2
L8 = Expansion of B2 towards C levels

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