How To Download The Free Audiobook on Your Computer

Download your French 2.5 Hours audiobook on Mac & Windows

No account required!

Note that you do not need a French Today account in order to download the 2 free audiobooks. Accounts are only required to access audiobooks you have purchased (and the Modern French Phrasebook).

1. Download the French Today app from our website and install it

For Mac computers, click here - For Windows 7/8/10/11 computers click here

2. When the app is launched, click on the "Free Audiobook" orange button

3. Click on the "À Moi Paris First Encounter" image icon to start downloading the free audiobook to your computer (once downloaded, you will be able to use it without being connected to the internet)

4. Once downloaded, the audiobook icon will not show a download cloud icon, and you can click on it to open the audiobook.

5. Your audiobook will open, and you can listen to the audio and navigate the transcript!

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