How To Use Your French Verb Drills Bundle

Now that you’ve downloaded your French Verb Drills bundle, you find yourself with four different audiobooks:

  1. Volume 1: Etre, Mettre, Faire and Devoir
  2. Volume 2: Aller, Vouloir, S'asseoir and Boire
  3. Volume 3: Avoir, Chanter, Prendre et Finir
  4. French Verb Fundamentals

Drills are pretty straightforward: just like at the gym, the more repetition, the better :-)

I suggest you start by reading thoroughly the "Introduction to French Tenses" included in the audiobook, and the bonus “French verb Fundamental” lesson you received from purchasing this bundle.

Then, listen/read to the “how to use these drills” section to make the best of your French verb drills.

Pick a tense you've studied and understand in French. 
Pick a verb.
Pick a form.
Repeat out-loud.

  1. You may first pick a tense and cover all different verbs in that tense. Beginners should start with the present tense.
  2. or if you understand all the French tenses and moods, then  you may go at it verb by verb, and cover all the tenses and forms available in these drills.

It’s really up to you: your needs, your goals.

One thing is certain, however: DRILL OUT LOUD. 

A big part of this audio tool is to master the modern glidings and elision which are not shown in written books. So make sure you take full advantage of it: if you only listen/read, you will not better your own pronunciation. You need to say it out-loud for it to stick!

“Avoir” and “Être” are possibly the 2 more important verbs in French, not only because of their meanings but also because they are called “auxiliary” verbs: they are used to form tenses: “passé-composé, plus-que-parfait, futur antérieur, past conditional….”. 

Since they both start with vowels, there are important glidings and liaisons that are often missed by students (who tend to know the way they are spelled but not the correct modern pronunciation), hence the importance to drill out-loud with these verbs. 

The negative form is also going to affect its pronunciation. You won't have time to think about it when you speak. That's why drilling in the negative is as important as drilling in the affirmative.

And of course, for French verb conjugations more than anything else: repetition is the key!

Understand the tenses you drill

These drills' aim is to help you gain speed with accessing the various French verb forms and master their pronunciation.

Should you need help understanding when to use the various French tenses (unfortunately, you can't just "translate" from English), I suggest you check out my audiobook French learning method:

  1. À Moi Paris L1 explains and illustrates the French present indicative.
  2. À Moi Paris L5 explains and illustrates the French indicative tenses of the past and future.
  3. À Moi Paris L7 explains and illustrates the French imperative, conditional and subjunctive moods.

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Best of luck with your French studies!

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