The Mobile App Options Menu

When you are in an audiobook, you will see a little Gear looking icon in the top right corner of the app. What can you do there?

Note: all these options will apply throughout the app and will remain like that until changed.

1. Transcript Font Size.  

This first control will allow you to change the size of the transcript font. Slide to the right to increase the size, to the left to decrease the size.

2. Font style 

The next menu will give you the choice of three different font types (different on iOS and Android). There will be a choice of Serif and Sans-serif fonts, choose the one that you find the most readable for you.

3. Display Mode 

The display mode will allow you to inverse the screen colors so that they are easier on the eyes in low light conditions. Light Mode for the day, Dark mode for the night. Depending on your device, you might also see a 'Theme (Match System)' toggle which will allow the app to match whatever your OS theme is set to automatically.

4. Skip Time

This allows you to customize the number of seconds that the skip forward and skip backward buttons will jump. If you tend to replay exact words you just heard, set it to a short time like 2s. If you usually prefer to replay whole sentences, then go for 10s or 15s...

5. Car Mode

Lastly, this button will toggle the app into 'Car Mode'. Read about it here.

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