Story Mode

Story Mode requires BOTH updating the mobile app to the 1.7 version and above AND an updated version of your particular audiobook.

* The iOS version is available for download from the App Store

* The macOS version is available for download from the App Store

* The Android version is available for download from the Google Play Store

(Story mode is not available in the Windows and older Mac desktop apps)

What is Story Mode

Based on feedback from our users, we introduced the "Story Mode". It allows you to listen continuously to just the story/dialog chapters without having the audio playback 'interrupted' by other method chapters. 

Lots of you listen to the novel part of our audiobooks as you fall asleep or while running/exercising/driving and don't want to manually have to skip around the non-story chapters.

How to Enable Story Mode

1. When your audiobook is open, tap on the Table of Content icon

2. If the audiobook you are using has Story Mode enabled, then when you bring up the Table of Content, you will see two additional options at the top: "Everything" and "Story Only"

3. By tapping on "Story Only", the Table of Content will only show the story chapters and continuous playback will go from one story chapter to the other, skipping any study guide, Q&A or other non-story chapters.

Skipping next or previous will also just skip between the different chapters of the story.

How do I know I'm in Story Mode?

There is a permanent indicator at the top of the transcript that lets you know you are in Story Mode.

How to disable Story Mode

Reverse the steps above:

  1. Tap on the Table of Content icon
  2. Tap on "Everything" to reveal the full audiobook, including the study guides and other method chapters.

What French Today Audiobooks Have Story Mode Enabled

The following audiobooks are "Story Mode" enabled:

  • À Moi Paris First Encounter (free audiobook)
  • À Moi Paris Method - All Levels (L1 through L8)
  • Une Semaine à... series

If you have the 1.7 and above version of the app and are not seeing Story Mode in the audiobooks above, you will have to force and audiobook update by manually deleting the audiobook and then re-downloading it (like you did when you first downloaded it).

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