Educational Use and Volume Licenses

If you are a high school, college or other education facility looking looking to use the French Today audiobooks as part of your classes, read the information below:

Our licensing is pretty much the same as the licensing your school has to follow with an audio/music CD…

For a classroom environment, there are two typical uses type:

1. Group use

If you, as a teacher, use our products as you would use a music CD or TV program to playback to the whole class and maybe hand out some limited printed excerpts (less than 5% of the book) then you only need an individual license of each product.  

2. Multi seat licenses

If you need to hand out larger printouts or you are handing out multiple copies of our audiobooks to students to study individually (like in a lab situation or at home for example) then you will need an educational volume license.  
In this case, the cost structure is based on buying one individual license (usually for the teacher) and then each subsequent license is discounted as follows:
  • 2-9 copies: 20% reduction (on top of promotional price)
  • 10-19 copies: 30% reduction (on top of promotional price)
  • 20 and more copies: 40% reduction (on top of promotional price)
Purchasing 13 copies of A Moi Paris Method - Beginner for educational use (1 teacher and 12 students) would cost:
1 Individual license at full price
+ 12 educational volume licenses @ 30% discount 


We do accept Purchase Orders as long as these can be paid via:
  • Credit card
  • Euro based check
  • Wire transfer in Euros

Note that we are a company based in France. Be aware that some US districts have restrictions on purchases outside of the US.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact Us.

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