How To Use The Phone Playback Controls

Note: If you are running the new iOS version 1.6.0 version, then the audio controls are different. Please read this updated support doc...

How To Display The Controls

When you have opened an audiobook, tap in the middle of the bottom black bar to bring up the playback controls

After the tap, the playback controls will slide up into view

The Playback Controls

From that point on you can control all the playback options as such:

1. Playback Info

The top portion shows:

  • Top: The progress bar showing how far into the current audio section you are in
  • Top left: the current time within the audio section
  • Top Right: the total time of the current audio section
  • The name of the chapter or section playing back

2. Playback Speed

If you are in a story/dialog chapter that is recorded at multiple speeds, you will then see the speed controls. Just tap on the speed you want to hear. This section will not appear if the multi-speed playback is not available. Note: your selection will be remembered for the rest of the audiobook playback until you change it.

3. Playback Control

Then come the audio controls in this order:

  • Jump to previous chapter/section
  • Rewind audio back 15 seconds* (great to re-listen to a sentence you might not have understood the first time)
  • Play/Stop
  • Forward audio 15 seconds*
  • Jump to the next chapter/section

NOTE: * on the iOS version, the rewind/format times are customizable to 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 seconds via the preference panel (the gear icon in the top right)

4. Audio Volume

And finally, the volume control for the French Today app audio (note, this control is independent of your device audio volume)

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