What Currencies Do You Accept?

Our online store will detect which region of the world you come from and will present the audiobook prices in five different currencies:

  1. In the EU, in Euros (including the appropriate local VAT rate)
  2. In the UK, in British Pounds (including the UK 20% VAT rate)
  3. In Canada, in Canadian Dollars
  4. In Australia, in Australian Dollars
  5. In the US and the rest of the world, in US Dollars (without any additional taxes)

The audiobook prices are set in US$ and once every 24 hours, the exchange rate to other currencies is adjusted (this is why you might see a slight variation from one day to the other)

What currency do you charge my credit card in?

Our store will charge your credit card in the currency displayed in the checkout page (so either in Euros, CAN$, AUS$, US$ or British Pounds).

Will there be additional bank fees for the transaction on my US based credit card?

Usually no because we charge your US card in US$ but because we are based in France, some banks might still want to charge you a foreign transaction fee (which they should really not since we do charge 'natively' in US$). Please contact your bank for additional details.

Will I be charged Taxes/Shipping fees?

Because we sell virtual products, there will never be a 'shipping' charge

VAT Taxes will ONLY be charged in EU countries. The rate will be the normal VAT rate that your country charges normal goods purchases. If you are located in a different country than the credit card that you are using, we will be legally required to ask you to confirm your country of origin.

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