How Secure Are Your Credit Card Transactions?

All credit card transactions on the French Today site are 100% secure.

NO credit card number is ever stored nor even seen by the French Today servers. We use an extremely secure payment gateway called  Stripe (used by Facebook, Unicef, Lyft, NPR and others) and even though it appears that you enter your credit card number on our checkout page, none of this information is ever ‘seen’ by our server, only the Stripe highly secured servers.
Once that credit card number is entered, it is right away converted into a random sequence of numbers called a ‘Token‘. That token is the only thing that is stored by Stripe, even if this token were to be made public, no-one would ever be able to charge the credit card number again.
The last 4 digits and the expiration date you are seeing are the only thing from your credit card number that are stored and displayed (like most companies do)
French Today and Stripe are 100% fully PCI-DDS compliant. This certification means Stripe has been audited by major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB)
All sensitive information on the site are handled using industry standard https SSL encryption.

If you have any questions regarding our payments processing, feel free to contact us by clicking on the link in the top right of the menu bar; We’re always here to help.

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