How to gift an audiobook 🎁

If you want to give a family member or friend a French Today audiobook as a gift it's really simple!

Add the audiobook(s) to your cart and checkout with your account (if have one, log into your existing account, if not, create one as you checkout). You can then either add a note in the checkout or contact us.

In order for us to be able to create their account, please give us the lucky person's full name + email address. In less than 24 hours, we'll create an account for them and transfer your purchase to that new account (without emailing them or any other notice - we don't want to spoil the surprise!).

We then send you instructions that you can then print out/email them when you are ready to and they'll have access to your gift right away.
Note: If you prefer, we can also send them the instructions ourselves but if they are not expecting it, there is a risk that they might think this gift is spam so that's why we recommend you send them the instructions

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