Manage Your Audio Magazine Subscription

As long as your monthly audio magazine subscription is active, you will have access to all the magazines and articles published.

Recurring Charge

Every month, on the day you signed up for the subscription, our store will automatically charge the credit card on file or your Paypal account.

If we are unable to bill your card/Paypal account, we will try up to 3 times within the next 3 days. We will also send you an email notice each time the payment fails.  If after 3 tries the payment still fails, your subscription will be put on hold and you will lose access to your magazines until you change the payment method.

Changing Your Billing Card

You can easily change the card associated with your subscription (if you change bank or if the current one expires). Go to your subscription area and select your subscription then click "View" and then "Change Payment". Enter your new payment info and validate the change.

Cancelling Your Subscription

At any point in time, you can cancel your subscription by logging into your account on our web site, going to your subscription panel and then choosing the 'Cancel" subscription option. This cancels the recurring charges and therefore you subscription will be valid until the last day of your subscription period.

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